Vega – trusted partner for your business

Large portfolio of services - Internet access, Data transfer, IP-telephony, Digital TV, Microsoft Cloud services and Data storage & Processing services, Outsourcing – everyhing that allows to create integrated solutions for any businesses.



Vega takes care of its clients! Our mission is to satisfy all needs of telecommunication services. At the same time, it is also important to optimize the cost. That's why the company develops and offers integrated telecom solutions.

Integrated solutions combine several services at once with more favorable terms. Order a few services together: broadband Internet access, ip telephony services, Virtual PBX, TV, data transfer and remote storage servers in Ukraine and abroad, and much more.

As a result of developing and modernizing, Vega offers the highest quality services!

Corporate business

Vega takes into account the diversity of activities and the needs of each individual business. Individual way to each client is provided by huge capacities of the company, competent managers, continuous development of the network and technological improvements.

Unique telecom solutions, which combine Internet access, telephony, data transfer, outsourcing services, greatly simplify the managing of your business!

Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX Vega is a modern office telephony with many features and simple settings.

Accounting and recording of all calls, free corporate communications, multi-channel numbers, voice greetings and menu, integration with CRM and much more is possible with Vega Virtual PBX at cost-saving tariffs.

This service allows you to provide all employees with a telephone connection, and for you to get control over their work, the possibility of optimizing the company's expenses, and therefore increasing profits and developing your business.