Cloud services Microsoft, SAP, Amazon, Oracle

Vega provides access to cloud services from leading companies in the world

Connecting your business to the cloud-data centers of the world's largest companies

Connect dedicated communication channels with direct interconnect to advanced cloud technology providers in the largest data centers of Germany and the Netherlands. Protect your investments in cloud storage due to high-quality, high-speed and reserved international communication

Microsoft Azure

Express Route – a service permitting to create dedicated secured connections of your network to Microsoft Data Centers. It provides the ability to develop and implement the programs and data storage on the servers located in distributed data centers

SAP Cloud Platform

Direct connection to SAP Cloud in Germany. It provides both high-speed transaction processing, as well as work with complex analytical queries, combining the solution of these tasks within a single platform

Amazon Web Services

Connect to AWS Cloud with Amazon Direct Connect. It is a secure connection to the cloud services platform, which provides computing power, access to storage, databases, content delivery services and other functionality, that helps in scaling and developing your business

Oracle Cloud

This service will be available shortly

Vega Telecom cooperates with the leading companies of the latest cloud-based solutions and provides its clients with access to their services.


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