Pause Service for business

Allows you to temporarily suspend charges for services
- Internet or telephony

Repair in the office

Long business trip

Seasonal activity

How to activate the Pause service

The service is activated and deactivated at 00:00.
Pause service begin charging from the first day of fctivating

  • pause Internet

    When you activate the Pause service, the Internet stops charging and no Internet access is available.


    The total duration of the Pause service may not exceed 270 days per year;

    The minimum period to order the service is 14 days;

    The service applies only to the Internet service. Other charges, such as hosting domain names, e-mail, etc., are charged according to the terms of your agreement.


    - connection 0 UAH with VAT

    - daily fee 2,00 UAH including VAT

    Activate the Pause service by yourself

    To the Personal Cabinet

  • pause voice

    When you activate the Pause service, telephony stops charging and phones do not work.


    The service is provided for telephone lines and services Vega Network, Package 3 / Package 4;

    The service is NOT provided for ISDN PRI, SIP trunk, Virtual PBX;

    The maximum period of ordering the Pause service (in one or more orders) - 6 months per calendar year;

    Pause service can be ordered by the subscriber no more than 3 times a calendar year. The service applies only to the Telephony service and does not apply to related services, such as equipment rental.


    - monthly fee 30 UAH including VAT

    Order the Pause service via the feedback form