Data transfer

Organization of secure exchange of huge data volumes between remote offices, and also for providing remote access to corporate resources, databases, financial resources, and processing centers. Data communication from Vega makes it possible to organize the acceptance and transfer of a voice, video, and other data in real time.

Developing corporate networks on a turn-key basis

Access at a speed ranging
from 1 Mbit/sec. to 1 Gbit/sec

Support of different
quality of services (QoS) levels

Developing networks of any
topology and complexity

Experience in implementing projects of building nationwide networks

Professional design and good prices

Global accessibility

Data transfer services from Vega are available in more than 170 countries of the world. We can guarantee the uniformity, reliability, and protection of your corporate network regardless of the place on the planet your offices are located in.

In Ukraine, corporate solutions are based on our own MPLS and MAN networks. Abroad, Vega offers services of data communication via its partner’s network – British Telecom.

Universal solutions

Solutions proposed by Vega permit to organize a reliable and secure corporate network of any geographic scale: municipal, intercity, or international one.

Depending on the customer’s need, we provide leased unswitched data communication channels or build corporate networks based on technology most suitable for the customer.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN is currently the most popular technology of building corporate networks. VPN (Virtual Private Network) implies connection of two and more territorially remote offices into a single secured network for data exchange purposes in compliance with the parameters and rules of diverse information communication – classes of services (CoS).

Technology and resources of the Vega network in Ukraine most suitable for the customer are used to build a reliable network. Besides, we can connect offices located practically in any place of the globe to your corporate network thanks to British Telecom, an extensive partner network.

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