Vega Telecommunications Group

National telecommunications operator of Ukraine, one of the telecommunications market leaders


Vega today

Vega provides telecommunications products and solutions to its clients in the fields of Broadband Internet access, Telephony, Internet Telephony, Data transmission and Storage on remote servers both in and outside Ukraine.

Company regularly expands range of its services: first and foremost by using innovative solutions permitting to obtain the maximum advantages from using the Internet - IP telephony range of services: SIP-trunk and Virtual PBX, Interactive Television, and more.

As a result of developing and modernizing its own network, Company provides high quality communications to its clients and reliable fast connection to the Internet at speeds of up to 1Gbps.

Company offers convenient terms of cooperation to individuals and business segment (from small and medium businesses to major Ukrainian corporations) as well as to Ukrainian and international telecommunications operators.

Vega Telecommunications Group is managed by Farlep-Invest PJSC and its CEO - Murat Cinar. Company is part of SCM.



420 000



150 000

Internet users

Presence in


regions of Ukraine


12 000 кm

fiber lines


Telecommunication solutions

Vega focuses on integrated communication solutions, which may satisfy the most demanding clients. Our base services are broadband access to the Internet, fixed telephony and enterprise solutions. However, Company regularly expands its list of services and also offers to clients IP Telephony, Cloud services, Interactive Television, Data transmission and Storage services.

Based on needs of our clients, we develop tailored telecommunication solutions. For example: implementation of a system to enhance mobile communications signals (Indoor Broadcast System) at the Kyiv Central Department Store; telecommunication equipment modernizaton (Mariupol Ilyicha Integrated Iron-and-Steel Works); construction of dedicated lines; outsourcing of the telecommunications infrastructure.



Connection to the Internet both in apartment blocks and private sector, IP telephony and interactive TV, Vega Wi-Fi (Open Internet) are far from being the full list of services that may be offered by Vega. GPON technology is a new unique solution permitting to develop the speed of access to the Internet at a level of up to 1 Gbps.


Unique complex solutions such as Internet, IP telephony, digital TV, Microsoft products, data storage and processing in cloud data centers, outsourcing permit to cooperate with one operator in the most comfortable way possible. The most optimal tariff can be chosen from a wide range of tariffs.


In order to make your operator business successful, Vega implements engineering solutions of any complexity using the state-of-the-art telecommunication technology: IP transit, VPN/Data transmission, Colocation, etc. As a result, the client receives services of a guaranteed high quality at the best price.

Principles of work


Being a stable guide in a changing world of telecommunications, making the life of people and society more interesting, efficient, comfortable, and diverse.


Never stopping at what we have achieved so as to be a model provider of a wide range of telecommunication services.


Values – being attentive, valuable, and useful
Emotions – developing emotional relations, and not just sales
Global – thinking globally, acting locally
Ambitious – helping make the dreams come true and realize ambitions


Corporate ethics

Work of the Vega telecommunication operator is based on transparency and trust, trust of the company and the market, clients and the company, employees to each other and the company as their employer. The company ensures a high quality of services and maintenance to earn this trust and reputation and continue to be a leader in the market for telecommunication services; at the same time, the company tries to run its business in an open and honest way. These values are shared by our staff.

Principles of conduct to be followed by all the staff of the company to keep being trusted by our clients and society in general are presented in the Vega Code of Corporate Ethics.

We support the right of any employee and counterparty to express their concern about the outcome of the shared cause and report any improper conduct. SCM Trust Line and the Vega Ethics Committee were set up for this purpose; they ensure an independent and objective investigation into alleged violations by keeping information sources anonymous.


0-800-60-0777 (all the calls within Ukraine are free of charge)

+380-44-224-7232 (paid calls at the rates charged by your operator)

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