SIP телефония

National operator Vega Telecom provides SIP telephony services for business customers throughout Ukraine. Numbers, customization and professional support.

An intelligent alternative for traditional wired telephony allows you to increase sales, improve customer service and reduce costs.

SIP numbers

We provide national 0-800 numbers and direct numbers from our own numbering resource with various Ukrainian cities codes

sip numbers
  • Kiev (044)
  • Chernihov (0462)
  • Dnipro (056)
  • Ivano-Frankovsk (034)
  • Kharkov (057)
  • Kherson (0552)
  • Krivoy Rog (0564)
  • Lviv (032)
  • Mariupol (0629)
  • Nikolaev (0512)
  • Odessa (048)
  • Zaporizhia (061)

and other settlements of Ukraine

short numbering

Short internal numbering

no reference to address

Without number reference to address - easy moving

one stream

Connection to a stream of different numbers in 1 city and different cities' numbers

choose a number

Possibility to choose a number

Features and benefits of Vega SIP telephony

  •  Use via different devices
  •  Multichannel
  •  Quality and safety
  •  Flexible and simple numbers and lines scaling
  •  Smart management with Virtual PBX
  •  Lines reservation
individual proposal

Individual offers

included calls over Ukraine

Calls in Ukraine are included in the monthly fee

persecond billing

Per second billing

free local calls

From 200 non-tariffed minutes to city numbers

Do you want to connect SIP telephony?

We answer all your difficult questions. Call a qualified expert!

call-center operator
0 800 60 11 08
Calls from Ukrainian landline and mobile numbers free of charge