Microsoft Azure Express Route

Your fast, reliable and private connection

Express Route – a service permitting to create dedicated secured connections of your network to Microsoft Data Centers


Private connections
to Azure

reliability and speed



Connection directly
to your WAN network


Create dedicated secure connections of your network
to Microsoft Data Centers


Make your connections fast, reliable, and confidential

Use a virtual private cloud

ExpressRoute ensures prompt and reliable connection to Azure permitting to use this product for scenarios such as periodic data transfer, replication to ensure a business continuation, emergency restoration and other strategies of ensuring a high level of accessibility

Expand your Data Center

You can increase the computing capacity and volume of the data center depot. As a result of a high carrying capacity and low delays, Azure will harmonically expand your data processing center and help you achieve a level of scaling and economic indicators typical of a generally accessible cloud without decreasing the network output

Creation of hybrid applications

As a result of predictability, reliability, and a high carrying capacity of ExpressRoute connections, applications encompassing both a local infrastructure and the Azure environment can be created. And all of this can be done without decreasing the output and confidentiality level


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