Outsourcing of the telecommunications infrastructure

Vega Telecom experts are ready to modernize and manage any telecommunications networks and equipment.


Outsourcing services

Operating and technical maintenance of the telecommunications infrastructure facilities:

  •  Telephony (IP, PRI ISDN): telephone stations, telephone equipment, materials, etc.
  •  Cable lines and cable ducts
  •  Radio equipment
  •  Data communication channels and baseband equipment
  •  Power supply systems for telecommunications equipment
  •  Telemetering systems

Employment of the infrastructure maintenance staff as the provider’s full-time staff

Re-issuance of necessary licenses with subsequent legal support

Provision of services of data communication channels and Internet access

Modernization is possible as part of the telecommunications network operation

24/7 centralized technical support service

Provided services reservation and high SLA level

Management of stocks and recordings of materials for telecommunications lines, facilities, and equipment

International and intercity telephony

Organization of alerting systems


Modernization – outsourcing opportunities

Telephony organization: IP-based PBX

  •  Reliability
  •  Flexible usage (the subscriber is not tied to a workplace)
  •  Functionality

Corporate networks: Fiber

  •  High reliability and high speeds
  •  It can be used for all types of services

Radio relay communications lines: IP RRL/Wi-Fi

  •  Speeds: up to 100 Mbps

Advantages of outsourcing from Vega

Concentration of the company’s energy and resources on its core activities

Telecommunications infrastructure modernization without the client making any additional investments

Optimization of administrative expenses

Improvement of the telecommunications infrastructure efficiency

Decrease in the costs of maintenance per item of equipment


Phases and conditions

We aim at developing efficient solutions that take into account the fullest business context

Free audit

of the client’s telecommunications
services and infrastructure

Presentation of the solution

for increasing the efficiency
and optimizing costs of telecommunications

Implementation of the solution

for improvement/optimization
of telecommunications services, infrastructure


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