Work with CRM

The Built-in Teler mini-CRM and integration with other CRM systems

Mini-CRM Teler

Useful functions of built-in mini-CRM Teler help to process customer requests correctly and quickly

  •  Easy maintaining of an extensive customer base
  •  Detailed information of each client
  •  Finding and filtering contacts quickly
  •  Directing calls to the responsible co-worker
  •  Storage of all events and the result of interaction with the client
  •  Ability to listen to conversations

Integration with external CRM-systems

If you  have already use one of the popular CRM systems in your work, but you need an office PBX, you can easily integrate your CRM with Vega Virtual PBX. So you can expand the capabilities of your company and make your business more effective.

Extension for Google Chrome

A convenient tool for the competent processing of customer calls and improving the quality of service.

  •  Missed calls indicator
  •  Incoming calls notifications
  •  Call with a click on the number
  •  Call history
  •  Filtering and searching for calls

Install the free extension for the Google Chrome browser and use its features in your daily work

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