IP telephony

National provider Vega Telecom is an expert of Internet telephony services for business

Use modern possibilities of calling via Internet today: no telephone wires, multi-channel, connection to office PBX. We will provide you with a full range of services, from telephone numbers to connecting and setting up the IP PBX, - for business development and cost reduction.

Vega IP telephony services

Full service from one source

  • Providing numbers and connecting various types of telephone lines
  • Connecting IP telephony to your PBX and setting up your equipment
  • Intelligent solution - Vega Virtual PBX

IP линии

Connecting a telephone
line via Internet with 1 number


SIP telephony

Multi-channel connection, flexible fine-tuning and numbers and lines scaling

virtual pbx

Virtual PBX

Cloud service with a set of comprehensive functions for managing office telephony and business analytics

Tariffs and features

We offer optimal tariff plans based on your needs. Ordering a set of telephony services for the office from Vega you always get better prices and a range of options.


  • ip line

    from 80 UAH

    1 number, 1 line

    All tariffs

  • sip telephony

    from 77 UAH

    1 number + 5 lines

    (PBX connection required)

    All tariffs

  • ip pbx

    from 299 UAH

    sip telephony included

    smart-function included

    connection 1 UAH

    All tariffs

  • Choosing Vega provider services, you get a solution with a high quality and secure Internet telephony service. We provide you with a full range of smart features for controlling employees and sales growth. Vega experts provide professional customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You significantly save money when ordering an intelligent solution from one provider.

    Equipment rental for ip pbx
    Оренда обладнання

    Equipment rental for office IP telephony

    Save! Take out the expensive equipment needed to connect IP telephony

    - ip Gateways Grandstream from 35 UAH/month

    - ip phone Grandstream from 40 uah/month

    Cost-saving prices for calls

    included minutes

    minute packages

    Ukraine calls

    Calls in Ukraine
    from 0.66 UAH/min.

    sec tariffs

    Per second

    individual proposal


    How to connect IP telephony in Ukraine?

    Learn more from our experts. Call, and we will answer all your questions
    and help you choose the best solution

    (044) 224 55 05

    The cost of calls is according to the tariffs of your service provider