IP telephony

National provider Vega Telecom is an expert of Internet telephony services for business

Use modern possibilities of calling via Internet today: no telephone wires, multi-channel, connection to office PBX. We will provide you with a full range of services, from telephone numbers to connecting and setting up the IP PBX, - for business development and cost reduction.

Numbers and connection all over Ukraine


We provide national numbers 0-800 and direct city numbers in many settlements of Ukraine with the appropriate phone codes:

  • Kiev (044)
  • Chernihov (0462)
  • Dnipro (056)
  • Ivano-Frankovsk (034)
  • Kharkov (057)
  • Kherson (0552)
  • Krivoy Rog (0564)
  • Lviv (032)
  • Mariupol (0629)
  • Nikolaev (0512)
  • Odessa (048)
  • Zaporizhia (061)

Vega IP telephony services

Full service from one source

  • Providing numbers and connecting various types of telephone lines
  • Connecting IP telephony to your PBX and setting up your equipment
  • Intelligent solution - Vega Virtual PBX

IP линии

Connecting a telephone
line via Internet with 1 number


SIP telephony

Multi-channel connection, flexible fine-tuning and numbers and lines scaling

virtual pbx

Virtual PBX

Cloud service with a set of comprehensive functions for managing office telephony and business analytics

Tariffs and features

We offer optimal tariff plans based on your needs. Ordering a set of telephony services for the office from Vega you always get better prices and a range of options.


  • IP-line

    from 80 UAH

    1 number, 1 line

    All tariffs

  • SIP-telephony

    from 77 UAH

    1 number + 5 lines

    (PBX connection required)

    All tariffs

  • Virtual PBX

    from 299 UAH

    SIP-telephony included

    smart-function included

    connection 1 UAH

    All tariffs

  • Choosing Vega provider services, you get a solution with a high quality and secure Internet telephony service. We provide you with a full range of smart features for controlling employees and sales growth. Vega experts provide professional customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You significantly save money when ordering an intelligent solution from one provider.

    Cost-saving prices for calls

    included minutes

    minute packages

    Ukraine calls

    Calls in Ukraine
    from 0.66 UAH/min.

    sec tariffs

    Per second

    individual proposal



    for your sales growth and cost saving

    0 800 60 11 08

    Calls from Ukrainian landline and mobile numbers free of charge