Static IP for Business

This is an IP address whose uniqueness is determined not on the local network, but globally in the Internet. With static IP address corporate resources will be available to your employees even outside the office.

Benefits of a static IP address:

- lack of expectation when using file-sharing services, for example, downloading information;

- the ability to configure remote access - manage your system from other computers;

- to establish an encrypted VPN-connection and secure corporate information;

- the ability to use your computer to host your site or create an ftp-server;

- to access programs that authenticate using a static external IP address;

- unlimited opportunities for communicating with Virtual PBX and SIP-trunk for which a static IP address is necessary.

Service connection - 85.00 UAH

Monthly fee - 85 UAH/month

Not enough one static IP address?

We offer you the service of renting IPv4 blocks of IP addresses at cost-saving prices