GPON technology

Ultra-modern fiber network

  •  Individual terms of service
  •  Unlimited development possibilities
  •  Attractive price offers

How does GPON technology work?

This technology provides stable data transfer at the speed up to 1,000 Mbps

GPON - gigabit passive optical network, which allows to boost a data transfer rate up to 1,000 Mbps. This technology is 40 times faster than ADSL technology. The fiber cable is laid down directly to the subscriber premises, not only to the building (as with other technologies). Thus, service failures are eliminated and a stable high speed connection is guaranteed.

One router is used for a wide range of services - telephony, Internet, interactive TV.

Vega has chosen GPON for a large-scale modernization of the company - replacement of copper networks with fiber ones. The pilot zones were built in the center of Kiev and Odessa in 2017.


5 reasons to choose Vega GPON

High speed

Speed up to 1000 Mbps
will allow to use Internet
more effectively


telephony and TV are
connected to the one


More secure Internet access
in comparison with other

Online Support

Remote setup
of equipment,
without visits of a technician

Signal stability

Smooth operation
while using multiple devices


Universal solution in one terminal

Vega Telecom provides a new level of connection of the communication services in one multifunctional terminal

Due to the rise of Internet users, video and IP traffic, IoT devices, appearance of new generations of mobile communications and data transfer, the improvement of IT-applications will require an optimal solution.

Wi-Fi Router for Fiber Optics - without additional cables and devices will allow you to connect a bundle of services - high-definition TV, high-speed Internet, digital telephony and smart services (video surveillance, alarm tools, gadgets remote control).


Potential for the development of existing technology

A full-fledged demand for gigabit Internet will appear in Ukraine in a few years

  •  Growing up the number of used screens
  •  Stable and fast Internet without breaks on all connected devices
  •  High quality of video stream and telephone communication
  •  Protection against external factors (overheating of the equipment, power surges, dust, moisture)
  •  Ability to expand and optimize the customer network

Connect future-proof network with Vega GPON

Make sure of a new level of comfort of Vega GPON subscribers

  •  Online configuration of the network and subscriber devices
  •  Dedicated hot line number 24/7
  •  Team of experts