Domain registration

The service of registering domains of any levels from Vega includes free re-registration for a new accounting period and also the domain support in the register (changes in the domain administrator data, etc.).


Vega registers Ukrainian domain names of the second and third level in the zone .ua, in international zones .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .name and in “exotic” zones such as .mobi, .tv, .aero, .us, etc. (about one hundred zones).

The service of registering domains of any level from Vega includes the registration and changes in information on the domain in the register and also the domain placement on the company’s ns-servers.

The ISP manager control panel is created specifically for managing dns-records of the domain name registered with Vega. With its help, you can change the domain parameters such as dns-records (A, mx) on your own.


.UA Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy

Rules for .UA Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy

World Intellectual Property Organization Supplemental Rules for .UA Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy

Supplement А

Supplement B

Supplement C

Cost of a domain name registration (or registration prolongation) for 1 year

For Ukrainian domains

Domain zone Cost
UAH/year, incl. VAT*
.ua1 1297,80
.com.ua4 266,64 312,00, 55,00 303,26 216,00 232,20, 211,68, 175,68, 224,64, 247,68 334,08 354,32, 240,00, 240,00, 180,00 200,00 120,00, 208,80, 226,08, 273,60 336,96 262,08 277,92,,,,,, 198,72 210,24,, 277,92,,,, 197,28 200,40 232,20

For international and national domains

Domain zone Cost
USD/year, incl. VAT**
.com 19,84
.net 19,84
.org 20,56
.info, .biz, .name 25,60
.tv 54,40
.aero 108,00
.mobi3 25,92
.co.uk2 15,00
.de 27,00
.ru 19,84
.in 29,00
.eu 66,00
.cc 39,00
.asia 44,00
.ws 37,60
.es 34,00
.su 27,04
.vg 61,60
.at 32,40
.bz 44,80
.ac 76,80 40,00
.kz 41,50
.tw 57,60
.la 62,40
.pl 42,40
.gs, .ch 57,60
.tk, .be 12,00

1 - Private domain names in the zone .UA are delegated to individuals or legal entities only in cases where the domain name description or pronunciation is the same as the registered word mark of goods and services (trademark), the rights to use which in the territory of Ukraine is owned by this individual or legal entity and confirmed by a certificate of Ukraine for a trademark of goods and services issued by a competent governmental agency or an agreement for transferring ownership title to a trademark or a license agreement.
2 - Minimum registration period: 2 years.
3 - Requirements and recommendations for the technical content and content of websites hosted by the domain .mobi -
4 - Maximum registration period: 10 years; Latin and Cyrillic names are available.

*DNS support of the domain is included in the cost of the domain name registration support.
**Payment is made in UAH at the USD/UAH exchange rate set by the National Bank of Ukraine on the day of providing (registering) a service.

Additional services for domains*

Service Domain zone Cost, onetime payment (UAH, incl. VAT)
Domain name recovery**, 1165,20, 1165,20, 1165,20, 1165,20 1165,20, 1165,20, 1165,20
Transfer of a domain name to Vega***, 206,40, 228,00
.chernі 280,80, 187,20,,,,,, 200,40

*If no funds are available on the client’s personal account, services are not provided.
**The restoration service is available only for domain names mentioned in the list.
***The service is paid only for domain names provided in the list.


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