Vega Phone

Landline phone number is always with you!

Application for smartphone and computer


Synchronization with
smartphone calls
log and address book

Save on

Application features

With Vega Phone application, your Vega landline number is always in your smartphone. Connect new numbers via IP-telephony or use your Vega number already connected via copper line.

  •  Always the high-quality connection.
  •  Voice improvement and battery saving modes.
  •  Video-calls, conference-calls.
  •  One number simultaneously on several devices.

Installation and connection

To start using the service, you need to install a special free-of-charge application on PC, smartphone or tablet which is connected to Internet from Vega or any other provider.

Connection is possible via:

  •  Internet from Vega.
  •  Internet from another provider.
  •  WiFi, 3G etc.

F.A.Q,. about Vega Phone


Vega services compatible with Vega Phone for Business

Virtual Office

Now your workplace is secured and available everywhere, any time and from any device.

Talk freely

Considerable volume of minutes for calls within Ukraine on landline and mobile numbers in new tariff plans!

Vega Telecom provides a full range of IP telephony services for business. Learn more about SIP Telephony and Virtual PBX.