Voice services

Vega Telecom is a recognized expert in voice services



  •  Presence at the level of ISC (International Switching Center)/ALDTE (Automatic Long-distance Telephone Exchange) in Kyiv, ATE in Dnipro, Odesa, Kharkiv, Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zaporizhia.
  •  Connections using both traditional TDM protocols (SS7) and IP telephony protocols (H.323, SIP), if there is a relevant certificate for equipment.
  •  We ensure high quality and stable end-to-end connection.
  •  Competitive and flexible rates.

Traffic termination

  •  Number resource over Ukraine - about 1 million numbers.
  •  Services of termination of the local, long-distance, and international traffic in our own network.


  •  Direct connections with all mobile operators, as well as the largest fixed-line operators in Ukraine.
  •  Direct IP-connections with leading international operators.
  •  Services of voice traffic transit (long-distance, mobile, international) to PSTN of Ukraine.
  •  International voice traffic transit (all A-Z directions).
  •  We guarantee faultless connection in any place around the world.
  •  Your expenses may be minimized without detriment to communication quality.

0-800 service

A recognized method of positioning your company as a reliable and customer-oriented organization. By using the 0-800 service, you can easily organize a hotline, a technical support service, a call center: your customers will be able to call you free of charge all over Ukraine.

Own number range in a format of 0-80060-хххх. You can choose the last four digits of the number (-xxxx) at your discretion.

Advantageous rates in directing a service for operators directly interconnected with Vega Telecom.


In order to get more detailed information please contact Vega Telecom Wholesale Account Management Team.
For National and International Customers please use e-mail address voice.CRD@vegatele.com