Anti-virus Zillya

Protect your data with the best anti-virus solution from Zillya

  •  Firewall
  •  Anti-phishing
  •  Antispam
  •  Parental control
  •  Optimizer
  •  Privacy data

System monitoring


Low PC load

Identify files encryption

Zillya! Internet Security for Android

Antivirus with a convenient and simple interface, protect your smartphone / tablet from viruses, malicious sites, intrusive contacts, loss of personal information, and also optimizes and speeds up the work of your device!

  • guard Anti-virus
  • optimize Optimizer
  • boost Acceleration
  • antitheft Anti-theft
  • lock Parental control
  • blacklist Black list

8 UAH/mon.

8 UAH/mon.


Zillya! Internet Security for Android works on all versions of Android OS 4.2.x and higher

Device memory: 12MB

Anti-virus Zillya for PC


Thanks to the daily automatic updating of the anti-virus database and the built-in heuristic analysis module, Zillya Anti-Virus will reliably protect your PC. The friendliness, simplicity and availability of the interface will ensure easy user interaction with the antivirus.

  •  Reliable protection of your PC
  •  Operational support service
  •  Antivirus Lab
  •  Scanning files and e-mail
  •  Optimum action on the threat
  •  Scheduler scan

Tariff for Zillya antivirus for PC